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Various Accessories


Kit of parts that includes:
  • 01 tower 06 meters, including:
    • Rods of 1.00 meters, 2.00 meters, or 3,00mts
    • 01 Foot Tower
    • 01 Tower Circular Top Support
    • 03 Nails (Tower Base)
    • 30 meters of rope
    • 01 Tripod
    • 02 Combined Wrench
    • 01 Rubber hammer
    • 01 Trowel
The 06 METERS TOWER serves as the fulcrum for the removal of deep hole rods. With it is possible to remove up to 10 meters rods without unscrewing them, increasing productivity and minimizing the risk of accidents.

TRIPOD serves to support the drill during your cleaning process. When the drill is supported by tripod and the rod supported the tower, the entire set is stable without the need for human intervention to prevent falls and accidents.

COMBINED WRENCH helps unscrew the rods when the probe is in soft material, so the threads are little tight.

RUBBER HAMMER is the only recommended tool to assist in the removal of the drill sample through impacts and hits.

TROWEL assists in removing the sample from inside the drill through scraping.