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Performance objectives

Imagem sobre QUALITY: In all our processes the search is the incidence ZERO errors. Thus, the client request is understood and answered, either by commercial services, billing of your order, delivery and providing a product with low maintenance with machine stop.

FLEXIBILITY: Each survey experience is unique. Be the purpose of the hole, or the characteristics of the workplace (sounding square). Understanding the customer's needs and SEEK SOLUTIONS CREATIVE within our expertise is critical.

SPEED: Our client has a deadline to complete its survey because of the validity of licenses. Your budget for equipment investment is usually only approved when those licenses are issued. Thus, the delivery date is not sufficient. Our aim is to deliver before, as soon as possible. ASAP !!!


Trado Equipamentos e Serviços Ltda was founded in 1978 with the goal of providing a portable probe for sand research. Initially, the auger paid survey services with the probe of its manufacture in order to collect performance information and to demonstrate the reliability of the product. Different models of appropriate drills have been developed for the characteristics of each type of terrain. It was possible to meet the research in more abrasive conditions and consolidate its market space. The ease of travel and probe operation as well as its reduced footprint, drew attention of large both national and international groups such as Votorantim, CVRD, Rio Tinto Zinc and Anglo American, making them important clients.
From the promulgation of the 1988 constitution, which prohibited foreign groups performing research of mineral resources in the country, the Auger saw its market poses severe reduction. With this, the company began to seek opportunities in small business and mining, though the main result achieved was the recognition by companies operating in neighboring countries, such as Colombia and Guyana, quality and performance of the equipment manufactured by Auger. Thus began exports, which until 1996 represented more than 50% of company revenues. That same year there was a device revocation that prevented the mineral exploration by foreign groups and the domestic market was again the most important to the operations of the auger.
In 2001 the company experienced a partnership with Alcoa to develop a more robust equipment for bauxite exploration in the northern region of the country. A team of engineers and geologists hired by the client worked very close and intensely with the auger suggesting new design, materials, specifications and evaluating results. This process came the MB2 model, an improvement from the first MB1.
Over the years the company has been increasing its market penetration and increasingly the equipment was being tested in the most adverse situations poll. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a more robust equipment. Then the MB3, a heavier equipment, but much more robust project and was offered to the market.
The challenges of the mining sector qualified to auger drilling to meet other needs expanding the potential market for the company. Stakes-drills for light building foundations, environmental monitoring and installation of semi artesian wells are markets that present simpler drilling conditions or poorer required depth, or lower abrasiveness land. The technical specifications of the equipment manufactured by Auger meet them all.
More recently, mining companies began to show much concern about health and safety issues. This demand reached Auger in 2010, beginning the process of development of TR and ERG models. These models began to be tested in 2013, after much research effort. The first units were sold in 2014 to replace the models MB and its consolidation is planned for 2015, within a more aggressive marketing strategy.


To be a reference for innovative and reliable solutions in the survey.
We believe that the product manufactured by the Auger was born innovator and our constant research become our reliable quality. Our current objective is to seek to be the main reference survey, which will only be possible through greater market penetration.
Analyze and understand the needs of each client and, through integrated and collaborative work, build solutions with the best partners, raw materials and components, ensuring quality and efficiency.
Our mission reflects the analysis of the market in which we operate, its determinants requirements for the success of agents that act on it and consolidated in our "PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES", which sound the factors that we believe we have to play above our competitors.
As the drilling conditions and drilling are diverse, the demands and needs are too. Therefore, analyzing and understanding are important. The integrated and collaborative work of our staff, individually presents different backgrounds, allows us to develop creative solutions within our expertise and the search of the best partners, raw materials and components allows us to achieve high quality requirements.